Pretty in Pink

Peony season is in full bloom (no pun intended)! We grew up with a peony bush in our back yard, and the super sweet fragrance always transports me back to a simpler time - when climbing trees, getting dirty, and causing mischief was the extend of my to do list.

Today, my peonies come in the form of lovely bouquets as I haven't inherited my mother's green thumb (thank god for succulents). I received a gorgeous bouquet paired with chamomile for Mother's Day and I'm in love. I usually rip apart a bouquet and scatter blooms around the house in various jars and vessels, but this bouquet was just too perfect to separate.

Where to Buy: SF Flower Mart is an amazing resource for flowers, and my go to spot for events. Trader Joes also gets a good stock of peonies in each season at reasonable prices. 

Inspiration: Here are some beautiful and easy ways to display peonies at home.