5 Tips + Inspiration For Your Tiny Space

I'm always inspired to see what people can do with less than 1,000 square feet. It shows a sense of savvy, ingenuity, and resourcefulness. Here are some tips along with a good dose of inspiration for helping you apartment dwellers curate your abode. 

Tip 1: Curate, edit, repeat - With limited space comes limited storage. Donate, sell, whatever you need to do with the stuff you don't absolutely love. You should LOVE every single thing in your home. I can't emphasis this enough. Pick up your belongings. Touch them, feel them. If they don't "spark joy" then ask yourself why, truly why are you holding on to them? Thank you Marie Kondo

Tip 2: Two is always better than one - Look for items and furniture that can serve multiple purposes. Popular these days are ottomans, benches, and even beds that serve as storage containers. We have the Tucker coffee and end table from Crate & Barrel and they hold our linens and other items I can't part with. But, back to tip 1, if you don't love it, let it go! 

Tip 3: Sky's the limit - Make use of your vertical space, with oversized artwork, shelving, and mirrors (which can make a space look twice as big). 

Tip 4: Zoning - Try and create zones, no matter how small they are. An area rug can help define a space, along with bold paint, or a large bookcase, which can act as a room divider. I love this example from AVSO - the small dining set flows into the living room, yet has it's own distinct feel. 

Tip 5: Statement pieces - Just like those necklaces having their moment,  don't be afraid of using bold colors and patterns, from paint, to drapes and pillows to make a statement. Love this colorful chair, pillow, and patterned wallpaper from Domino

 Check out this San Francisco couple's beautifully done digs at A Cup of Jo. It's 500 square feet with two kids! I repeat two kids - now that's impressive!  

This home in Park Slop is just 650 square feet, yet feels so light and roomy from Design Brooklyn

Apartment Therapy held a "Small and Cool" 2016 design contest. Check out all the entries, and here's a peek at the winner's home a mere 383 square feet in NYC.