There’s always more to explore in this famed San Francisco neighborhood.

Russian Hill is where you’ll find hordes of tourists taking pictures of the “Crookedest Street in the World,” and where you can pause — from almost anywhere — and drink in panoramic views of Marin County and the East Bay.



Populated by long-time residents and ambitious newcomers.

Russian Hill on a Friday night may overflow with the usual collection of ambitious tech and finance professionals, but climb any of the steep side streets and you’ll find longtime residents living in flats that have been around for generations, as well as young families putting down roots.


Familiar sights and tradition entwined with innovation.

At its heart, Russian Hill is a place people come to stay, with an easy proximity to several work centers both in and out of the city, which has drawn tech workers to this once blue-collar locale.


Outdoorsy, elegant, and casual, with all the resources of a major urban center. 

Russian Hill remains a very walkable urban landscape despite its hilly tendency. The Financial District and Civic Center are easily within reach.  And if your smart you’ll occasionally ride the cable car home, on a monthly pass from SFMUNI.


An ideal neighborhood for those who prefer a quiet night out over a pulse-quickening nightclub.

While it may not have it have a non-stop nightlife scene, Russian Hill is a perfect neighborhood for lovers of Victorian architecture, farm-to-table enthusiasts, oenophiles, and young parents with an encyclopedic knowledge of stroller brands. There is a delicate European flair to many of the boutiques and restaurants found along the lushly green streets of Jackson, Union, and Hyde. 


The Russian Hill market spans a vast breadth of options, from unrestored Edwardian units to massive traditional mansions.

Because of its large collection of spacious single-family homes, many of which just happen to have been built during the Victorian era, Russian Hill has become a high-end neighborhood with a median sales price approaching $2 million. The homes are beautiful — most have been restored or reimagined — but buyers can expect to pay well over asking price to get into this very popular neighborhood.


The classic, timeless romance of a neighborhood synonymous with one of the world’s favorite cities.

There’s hardly a neighborhood that compares with Russian Hill, with its mesmerizing views, heart-stopping hairpin turns, and sheer historical grandeur. Locals enjoy the hillside garden climbs, the exquisite tiny parks, and the classic ice cream parlor, Swensen's, found at the corner of Union and Hyde.


Russian Hill is home to exquisite homes, great restaurants, unique local shops, and spectacular views
Ina Coolbirth Park - tucked among some of the most spectacular homes offering views of Coit Tower, Bay Bridge & Oakland, and the Financial District 

Ina Coolbirth Park - tucked among some of the most spectacular homes offering views of Coit Tower, Bay Bridge & Oakland, and the Financial District 

Ina Coolbirth Park - Check out Ina Coolbirth Park at Vallejo and Taylor for a panoramic views of the cityscape. 

Za Pizza1919 Hyde St.

We don't have a lot of good pizza on the north side of town -  especially for delivery, so we've got Za on speed dial. It's also great to dine in as it's super kid friendly.

Soapbox Cafe, 1800 Hyde St.

Banh Mi, Spring Rolls, and sweet and strong Vietnamese coffee. This spot is also kid friendly with boxes of toys and games accessible for little ones. I love to grab a roasted pork banh mi while out strolling with my son. 

Union Larder1945 Hyde St.

From the team of Little Vine in North Beach, this is a new spot for us, and a must for happy hour, light bites, and gourmet provisions. 

St. Frank Coffee

St. Frank Coffee

Saint Frank, 2340 Polk St.

Hands down the best cappuccino in the city. I love how up close and personal you are to the baristas so you can see the care they take in each perfectly poured coffee. Sleek, uber modern, with no coffee snobbery. Make sure to go early, the line can wrap around the block. 

Loving Cup2356 Polk St.

When I was pregnant I practically lived here. They are famous for their rice pudding made with aborio rice (like risotto). It's so rich and creamy - and the lemon is super refreshing for those rare hot SF days.  

Russian Hill Bookstore2162 Polk St.

A little bit of everything, I especially love their kid's section. They also have great note cards, small gifts, and a stellar SF section.   

Cris Consignment2056 Polk St.

Technically on the edge of Russian Hill, this is my go to spot for gently loved luxury items. The left side of the store is reserved for higher-end items like Chanel and Dior, while the right is home to brands including Vince and Kate Spade. They have a great selection of cashmere (a must for SF), handbags, scarves and jewelry.  

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Commute Times

 Financial District 15m by car

 South San Francisco 35m by car

 Silicon Valley 65m by car