How to pick a buyer's agent 

Like Indiana Jones in The Last Crusade, you want to be confident in your choice when selecting a buyer’s agent. Remember, the buyer's agent represents you in the purchase of your home. Stick with the acronym RIGHT and you'll choose wisely. 

Respect – Does your agent have the respect of his or her peers and clients? Do you admire how they run their business through their marketing and business values, and how they represent themselves? Ask to speak to a former client to get a sense of how they do business, check out their website, press coverage, and how they’re involved in the community they serve.

Involvement – Is your agent going to give you the level of attention you require? Often top producers are too busy to work directly with buyers and you wind up working with an assistant, or not getting the attention you deserve. Find out upfront how much time you’ll get and who your point of contact will be, along with how you’ll communicate (daily vs. weekly updates and meetings, via text, email, phone).

Genuinely Like - There are over 3,000 agents in San Francisco alone, all trained and licensed to do the same thing, so chances are whoever you hire is capable of handling your home purchase. But, just like ice cream, there are dozens of different “flavors” or personalities out there. You will be intimately working with your agent sharing hopes, dreams, and personal finances. At the end of the day, don’t you want to work with someone you genuinely like?   

Humble – A good dose of humility and humbleness goes a long way – especially in sales. Does the agent you’re interviewing talk a little bit too much about themselves and all of their success? Do they seem more interested in closing a sale vs. finding you your dream home? Look for an agent that spends time asking you questions and who truly seems interested in helping not "selling" you.

Trustworthy –  Okay, you like the person, but do you trust them with what’s likely to be the biggest financial investment in your life? Do you trust that they’ll always have your best interest at heart, and act as an advocate on your behalf?